The Brush Creek Watershed is 29 square miles located in two states, best viagra click two counties, buy viagra and twelve cities, there encompassing many business and shopping areas as well as cultural and recreational amenities and the homes of almost half a million residents.  It is the most visible stream in the heart of our community.  Flash floods in the Brush Creek Watershed sometimes present a hazard to citizens, visitors and businesses.   Urbanization has reduced ecosystem integrity and diversity in the watershed and has resulted in degraded water quality.  Hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent on Brush Creek, but the lack of a comprehensive approach for the watershed has limited its potential as a community asset and the effectiveness of all the money that has been spent.

To optimize resources and effectiveness, interested community stakeholders that include Kansas City, Missouri and Johnson County, Kansas, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Brush Creek Coordinating Committee are working on the Brush Creek Basin Feasibility Study to examine conditions along Brush Creek.  This will lead to development of an integrated watershed management plan to improve flood risk management and water quality while balancing economic, environmental and social benefits.  The study will also identify projects that can be implemented by the local communities as soon as possible.