The Brush Creek Watershed

Everyone lives in a watershed—the land that rainwater or snowmelt runs across to reach the lowest point, viagra treatment such as a waterway.  Watersheds, viagra canada or basins, know no political boundaries and can include many villages, towns, cities and more than one country.  How we use and treat the land, water and air will affect other parts of the basin or waterway in which it drains.

The Brush Creek Watershed includes  parts of two states, three counties, and eleven municipalities.  Over fifty-percent of the watershed lies in Kansas City, Missouri, downstream from that part of it which includes the Kansas municipalities of Kansas City, Kansas, Overland Park, Prairie Village, Mission, Roeland Park, Fairway, Mission Hills, Mission Woods, Westwood and Westwood Hills.  It is a 29-square mile portion of the Blue River watershed.  The tributaries Rock Creek, Town Fork Creek and numerous smaller, unnamed creeks flow into Brush Creek, which eventually discharges into the Blue River and ultimately the Missouri River.

The Brush Creek CommunityThis website represents the hopes, plans, desires and efforts of dozens of stakeholders—from private citizens, to not-for-profits, to government agencies—working together to realize a vision of a healthy community that is bound together and enhanced by Brush Creek, a remarkable waterway that runs through the heart of the Kansas City metropolitan area.

Working together, stakeholders on both sides of the state line can plan for tomorrow’s watershed and identify resources for its improvement.  As we share responsibility for management of the Brush Creek Basin, we will be taking action that will improve neighborhoods and save lives.